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Dr. P. has been invovled in Chiropractic for over 21 years.  She graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1988 with a degree in Biology and Chemistry.  She then went to National College of Chiropractic and received a degree in Human Biology and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1992.  While at National College of Chiropractic she received her certification for Acupucture.



Julie Munch, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master

Graduated from National University of Health Sciences in 2007. Licensed and Nationally Certified.  In 2009 became a Certified Reiki Master in Usui Reiki.  




Mike Spencer, Mahi Koa O Kualli  Hawaiian Energetics & Spiritual Healer

Mike has been practicing Hawaiian Energetics for 20 years.  Hawaiian Energetics utilizes the resources of the world around us through the elements: fire, water, air and earth. 

The ancient Hawaiians had an intimate understanding of the elements and how they related to the body, environment and the universe around them.  This understanding extended to the balance and relationship of the elements to the body's organs and systems.

The ancient healers learned to listen and observe the three bodies, understanding the relationship of one to the other and the importance of the balance of the elemental energies to maintaining health.

When deficiencies of an elemental energy were observed , the Kahuna will work with an individual to restore the proper balance, quality and flow of the element and in so doing, restore the person's ability to heal.



Jessie Avila, Office Manager

Has been involved with chiropractic for 6 years and is very capable of helping patients with scheduling appointments and helping with all insurance claims.